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SCLAK is simple to install and compatible. Let every electric, electromagnetic, electromechanical or mechatronic locks of all brands smart.

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Easy and effective
solution designed
for Airbnb hosts
Discover SCLAK
Manage easily guests and keys
Send digital keys
Send digital keys to your guests
SCLAK let you send through sms or e-mail the digital keys of your apartment, valid just for the period of stay, securely.
Welcome your guests with remote control
Welcome your guests 24/7 with remote control
Send digital keys through the App, letting access from remote control, avoiding discomfort of the delivery of physical keys.
Check your guest's accesses by remote control
Check your guests accesses by remote control
Receive real-time notifications when the keys are received and when they are used, anytime, wherever you are, even on your smartphone.
Ranking Airbnb
Improve your rankings on Airbnb
SCLAK adds value to your ad on Airbnb, improving the quality of the experience and offering a unique service to your guests.
How it works
Airbnb diagram how it works
SCLAK semplifies check-in
Avoid the delivery of keys at impossible hours
Avoid the inconvenience caused by loss of physical keys
Avoid giving keys to third parties
The product
Our products are easy to install and designed to provide a secure and flexible digital access solution. All devices are controlled by a single APP compatible with iOS 9+ and Android 4.3.1+.
Compatible with electric and electromechanical locks
(ideal for condominiums doors)
Compatible with European profile
(perfect for doorstep)
Ideal access solution
for your condominium
SCLAK let your guests to access the condominium and your
Airbnb apartment using a single application.
Condominium access scheme
An electric lock or an existing mechanical electrical system where install SCLAK and a smartphone for download the App. For all other information related to the installation click here.
Yes, SCLAK is equipped with insulating sleeves that let installation even outdoors. SCLAK has an IP44 protection rating and can support temperatures between -20 ° and +60 °.
There's no need for any condominium approval to install SCLAK. The device also increases the security of the building itself, letting you avoid the loss of keys and monitor the access of your guests.
Sclak works with all smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 that have iOS 9 or newer, Android 4.3 or newer.
Yes, SCLAK is perfectly compatible with systems and locks controlled by the intercom. SCLAK is installed on the same line that goes from the apartment to the front door.
Using the SHA-2 method, with data transmission with authenticated certificates, SCLAK is safe and secure in all phases thanks to two-step authentication.