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Smart access solution, simple and effective that let you send digital and programmable keys at distance through sms or e-mail.

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Different types of users
The Installer deal materially with the installation. Once he made it, he set the Admin and his work is over.
The Admin is unable to open because he may not be the Owner and he will no have right of access.
No, only the Installer can send an invitation to an Admin. If you have a specific need contact us.
No, the Admin can be only one.
You can set yourself as Owner only if you are Admin too, otherwise it would be him to send you an invitation. If you are the Admin too, you can go in Your locks, then in Owner and Guest list and tap on Set me as Owner or +, if it doesn't appear.
No, nobody can check accesses of an Owner to guarantee maximum privacy. It doesn't remain traces of accesses made by an Owner.
No, in no way. Only the Owners or the Admin can invite new Guests.
SCLAK can connect itself to any device powered by 12/24 V as the alarms. For the devices by 220 V you can use a specific support that manage this powering and that can be connected to SCLAK, via 12/24 V.
The App can open an endless number of SCLAK, but always once.
To every opening correspond one SCLAK with its opening button.
It isn't possible open with a unique botton two close SCLAK, you need to push both. If there's an electrical system with one switch that open two accesses simultaneously, for istance a door and a gate, it's possible install a unique SCLAK that replicate the switch.
Login and notifications
Yes, every time that a user login with a different device, he will receive a push alert.
It isn't possible receive an alert in real time for Pincode and Tag using, but you'll receive one when the accesses will be loaded on server.
Digital Keys
Digital Owner Keys doesn't expire.
Guest Keys packs are valid for one year since the first sended Key of that pack is enabled. You can buy more Digital Guest Key from App or contact us here.
We will remember you through e-mail approaching expiry.
Your Guests will still have their Keys at their disposal, but unfortunately they will not be able to use them until you have renewed them by purchasing a new Guest Pack.
Of course. Go in Licences , then Key Payment and Choose who pay for the Key where you can choose if you or the guest will pay.
No, it isn't counted. To see the remaining invitations go in Licenses.
Check if the e-mail has arrived in your spam filter. If there isn't, send another invitation, preferably using a different channel (an sms if you used e-mail or vice versa).
The device has a maximum range of 25 meters in open field. Obstacles, especially of metal, can significantly reduce the range.
SCLAK doesn't have a battery. A 12V backup battery should always be installed to ensure that the lock and SCLAK can operate even in an emergency.
Of course. SCLAK works with its accessories too that permits to control any access without smartphone.
There's no limit to the number of accessories that you can connect with a single SCLAK.
No, SCLAKCYLINDER isn't an accessory. It works independently as a SCLAK.
No, SCLAKCYLINDER replace completely your previous cylinder, eliminating the need of physical keys.
4 batteries AAA 1,5V.
SCLAK is compatible with every kind of electronic lock. It can be easily integrated with existing access systems, including traditional physical keys, that can continue to be used.
No, SCLAK doesn't need internet because it works through Bluetooth Low Energy.
Sclak works with all smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 that have iOS 9 or newer, Android 4.3 or newer.
Yes, SCLAK is compatible with all intercom systems and locks. You can install SCLAK on the same line that goes from your apartment to your main door.
Of course, we have all that you need to integrate it. Contact us here to ask for API and SDK.
It's not possible at the moment.
Through Web App it's possible to create or modify an invitation, allowing Pincode from keypad or Tag use. The option is visible only if the corresponding accessory is already installed and linked to a SCLAK.
From SCLAK 1C 4.55 version the accessories accesses are saved e synchronized on server, available for chronology through App or Web App.
Installation and activation
There's no need for any condominium approval to install SCLAK. The device also increases the security of the building itself, letting you avoid the loss of keys and monitor the access of your guests.
Yes, SCLAK is equipped with insulating sleeves that allow installation even outdoors. SCLAK can support temperatures between -20° and +60°.
Yes, usually they doesn't reduce significantly the range, but it's always better that SCLAK is placed closely as possible to the leading opening.
An electric lock or an existing mechanical electrical system where install SCLAK and a smartphone for download the App. For all other information related to the installation click here.
Only the Admin can do it, going in Your locks of SCLAK, then in the Security section.
Using the SHA-2 method, with data transmission with authenticated certificates, SCLAK is safe and secure in all phases.
You can never lose your Digital Keys. Download SCLAK App on your new smartphone and login to immediately have all your Key available again. Login from App or remote to disable the old smartphone.
For more infomation on prices fill the form at this link.
Request information by filling out the form at this link.
Download SCLAK App from the store on the new smartphone and start it. Login (in the top right corner) e you will have all your Keys available again. For maximum security disable the old smartphone.
Enable the localisation services of your smartphone, then go in SCLAK App, in Your locks and enable Automatic opening beta.
It's an App screen that show you a keypad where you can type numbers and let you use Pincodes without SCLAKKEYPAD.
You can find it in Settings, Virtual keypad and set it in carousel view.
This screen is accessible from just downloaded App and you're not already logged, either you login as user.
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